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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  January 7, 2013 6:00am-9:00am PST

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[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: you know, jacki schechner, if there's one thing we've learned about life, you never know what gift every day will bring. including, when economy in and say chris, why is there a monkey inmy seat? [ ♪ magic wand ♪ ] >> because someone named julie sent it to you. >> what kind of monkey? >> stephanie: i don't really know. >> an ugly monkey. >> stop it! [ buzzer ] >> it is a lovely monkey. >> stephanie: now it is on talking liberally when we touch the monkey. all right. >> it was a behr. now it's a monkey. >> stephanie: speaking of wildlife, how about the turtle on every single sunday show. >> we'll get you another look at him. he was everywhere. >> stephanie: that's a visual. eye candy for the gals.
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>> because i move so quickly. >> paul ryan. >> stephanie: no no. all right. no six-pack like paul ryan. jacki schechner in the current news center. >> good morning. secretary of state hillary clinton is back to work this week. today, in fact, after hospitalization for a blood clot in a vein in her head, she left new york presbyterian hospital five days ago and according to the state department has been keeping up with work via memos and talking with her staff. she has a series of meetings including three scheduled at the white house. she's expected to give up her spot as secretary of state in a few weeks. president obama has already announced he's nominated senator john ker troy succeed her. while he should sail through the confirmation process relatively easily his president's pick for secretary of defense looks like he may have a tougher time today. the president will announce he's% nominating former nebraska senator chuck hagel to follow leon panetta as secretary of
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defense. here is senate minority leader mitch mcconnell as stephanie mentioned on one of his many appearances on the talk shows from abc's this week with mcconnell talking about his priorities for whoever takes over as secretary of defense. >> whoever is nominated for secretary of defense is going to have a have a full understanding of our close relationsship with our israeli allies, the iranian threat and the importance of having a robust military. >> he's just a bundle of energy. hagel is a vietnam war veteran and a moderate republican. he's taking heat especially from fellow republicans over his support of israel, whether or not he's supportive enough and whether or not he's willing to take a hard enough stance against iran. also today, the president is going to nominate his counterterrorism adviser brennan to succeed petraeus as head of the c.i.a. we're back after the break.
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that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. [ ryon ] eating shrimp at red lobster is a fantastic experience.
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>> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. happy monday, everybody. we welcome seattle back in the house. woot woot. play is the station. >> play 1180. >> stephanie: hello. >> you do claymation on the radio. >> stephanie: missed you seattle. you're in claymation on current tv as well. >> you were once a little dream ball of clay. >> stephanie: unsolicited
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testimonial. sheila and her dog bijou. he's handsome and romantic. >> we posted that picture up on facebook. >> stephanie: i thought you would like to see my rescue dog bijou. we're proudly wearing our steph crap all over the town proudly claiming they're steph heads. >> get your own steph crap at >> stephanie: tickets are almost gone for washington d.c. inauguration weekend january 19th. the sexy liberal palooza go. there are some front balcony i believe, whatever. two surprise celebrity guests. in fact, two of them were news stories you sent me today and i can't do them. you know me. i have loose lips. >> perhaps you've said too much. >> stephanie: perhaps i have. as people rush to the internet to look for news stories of celebrities -- >> stephanie: who could be the two huge celebrity surprise
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guests in d.c.? i don't know. listeners with fun facts because we got a barrage of right wing callers last week. >> yes, we did. >> stephanie: with the usual barrage of misinformation. john and pat -- it's hard to keep up with it all. they shoot random fun facts at you. john in palatine says you had a caller that said the president loaned $2 billion to brazil for oil drilling. if you google it, she would find that's not true. the misinformation came from glenn beck. [ ding ding ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: that's where that came from. >> from the horse's mouth? >> stephanie: mike with fun facts on the fiscal cliff deal. because we're there again. yesterday, if you looked at the sunday shows. >> we're going to cut spending. >> this is more like a debt ceiling thing. >> stephanie: again. as i was saying, what eye candy for the gals to have mitch mcconnell on every sunday show. no matter where you turn, that
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was -- [ screaming ] okay. this sunlight hits your television just right and reflects off his glasses things can burst into flames. you need to be careful. mike in pittsburgh writes steph -- >> he's a fire starter. he did start the fire. >> stephanie: yeah, well we didn't. dear steph i keep listening to the criticism of the fiscal cliff, not getting the $250,000 limit. here's a factoid for you. in 1939, president clinton enacted the tax rate on incomes over $250,000. now, the i.r.s. and today adjusted for inflation his $250,000 is $397,000 which is exactly what the president got. president obama got the same deal president clinton got back then. i would say the country did pretty good. >> that's just kenyan voodoo. [ ding ding ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: all right. isn't it just like -- it's like an acid flashback or like a
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flintstones cartoon background. here we go again. >> the same rock. the same tree. >> rock, tree, dinosaur. >> rock, tree, dinosaur. >> mitch mcconnell is the dinosaur. >> stephanie: i was just going to say. so there's that. by the way lots -- there is a great piece in "the new york times" we have to post. more guns equals more killing. because we got into parts of this last week. there is a story in "the washington post," the white house considering broader gun control measures. [ ♪ alleluia ♪ ] what a concept jim doing what they do all over the world and it has an effect in some way. >> like the famous buyback in australia. >> stephanie: thank you, yes. we have a hunter, a duck hunter call in last week. remember? >> you're despicable! >> stephanie: steven in south chicago says only a three-shot clip is allowed for duck hunting. shouldn't we give school children as much as of a chance as ducks.
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[ applause ] some right wing nim rod is going forward with an arm the teachers thing. which state is that? >> is it alabama? >> state of denial. >> stephanie: alabama. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] if you have to guess -- mississippi? alabama? >> one of those. first two guesses for right wing nimrods proposing ridiculous things. arming teachers, despite opposition from school officials. oh boy. alabama lawmakers state representative carrie rich please and thank you plans to arm teachers and principals next week despite the opposition of school administrators and oh, here's an added bonus to his plan. it does not seem to provide for any training. >> oh, great. >> because that would cost money. >> who's going to buy the firearms for all of the teachers? >> stephanie: i think he's a little doughy -- >> don't they need some time to
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actually get acquainted with the gun? use it -- maybe do some target practice? >> stephanie: no no. >> more than once a year? >> stephanie: anyway, love this piece by elizabeth rosenthal. we'll post it. more guns equals more killings. >> it is already posted on your facebook page. [ ♪ magic wand ♪ ] >> stephanie: it is like magic! seriously, when all of this first happened and we looked at all of the statistics around the world, how can you just think that's okay? and this is -- oh, that's the price of freedom that your 6-year-old might get shot at school. there is cause and effect. i've seen a lot of articles. this one, she says in the wake of the tragic shooting at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut last month the nra said to place a good guy with a gun -- >> some of those at fort ord.
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>> stephanie: right. also columbine. she says i recently visited some latin-american countries that mesh with the nra's vision where guards with guns grace every lobby, storefront, atm and restaurant and gas station. has not made the countries saner or better. guatemala, honduras, venezuela have some of the highest homicide rates in the world. >> what a coincidence. >> stephanie: oh no. you mean wayne lapierrre could be wrong about something? a society that is relying on guys with guns to stop violence is a sign of a society where institutions have broken down said an expert, it is shocking to hear anyone in the united states considering a solution mald make it seem more like colombia. somalia. perfect. as guns proliferate legally and illegally, people seem more terrorized in guatemala. riding a public bus is a risky business. more than 500 bus drivers have been killed in robberies since
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2007 which tracks organized crime in the americas to call it the most dangerous profession on the planet. when bullets start flying, everyone is vulnerable. i think you pointed this out jim. 155 drivers 54 bus assistants and 14 criminals. that's a good average right? >> yeah, at least you got some of them. >> stephanie: some were killed by the robber's bullets and by gun-carrying passengers and places with more guns have more violent deaths, more homicides and more suicides. >> really need a scientific study for that. >> stephanie: apparently you do. women and children are more likely to die. the more guns in an area, the higher the local suicide rates. if you live in a civilized society, more guns mean more deaths. some harvard guy. there's no evidence that having more guns reduces crime. none at all. after a gruesome mass murder in australia, this is the thing everybody keeps citing.
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in 1996, it provoked public outrage. australia did something. isn't that weird? [ ding ding ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: we should, maybe. >> we should get rid of some of the guns. >> stephanie: they included a 28-day waiting period before purchase and ban on semi-automatic weapons. i don't know, there's probably no connection here jim. [ ♪ "jeopardy" theme ♪ ] let's see. before then, australia had one mass shooting a year. since then, rates of homicides and suicides have dropped 50% and there have been no mass killings. no none. >> coincidence. [ applause ] >> stephanie: i'm sure that's completely unrelated. >> just a theory like global warming. >> stephanie: the white house is apparently consulting bloomberg and you know, again you can prove it. you can prove it with new york city's statistics. the new mayor of bogota has forbidden residents to carry weapons in any public spaces.
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murder rate has dropped to a 27-year low. they're not a defense. they're a risk. we appear to be the only country that is cuckoo. [ cuckoo clock chimes ] >> that wants more guns. >> stephanie: studies in central america, people who used a gun were far more likely to be injured or affected. we're not in that circumstance, we're a developed stable country. thank you, more guns equals more killings. [ applause ] >> don't you tell me guns are dangerous. i'll blow your damn head off. oh wait. >> stephanie: okay. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] the white house is weighing a far broader approach to curbing gun violence in reinstating a ban of assault weapons and high capacity magazines. that was in the "washington post" yesterday. a working group led by joe biden -- he's getting a lot of work done, that joe biden -- considering measures that would require universal background
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checks and track the movement and sales of weapons through a national database. what's wrong with that? i don't understand why that's -- >> nothing's wrong with that. >> you're taking away our freedoms. >> stephanie: right. except for that. to sell such changes, the white house is developing strategies to work around the nra. there's a jim-dandy idea. routing support from walmart and others that would benefit their businesses. we're getting tricky now. the white house has been in contact as i was saying with advisers of bloomberg, yada yada yada. this is encouraging. it is encouraging. as soon as we go through the next hostage crisis, we can move on to getting something done. >> stephanie: all right. i'll tell what you some ridiculous former nra president had to say. >> oh, yeah. >> stephanie: 17 minutes after the hour. we roll along our usual rude pundit coming up, eric boehlert and representative alan grayson. >> that woman's about as subtle as a rhinoceros horn at the
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backside. >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show."
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i want the people who watch our show, to be able to come away armed with the facts, and the arguments to feel confident in their positions. i want them to have the data and i want them to have the passion.
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>> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ didn't start the fire, it was always burnin' since the world's been turnin' ♪ >> stephanie miller. ♪ didn't start the fire ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 23 minutes after the hour. his rudeness coming up at the bottom of the hour. rude pundit. mike in chicago you're on "the stephanie miller show." we were talking about guns. hey, mike. >> caller: what's going on steph in. >> stephanie: not much. go ahead. >> caller: no one's talked about
6:23 am
jan brewer and rick perry our two favorite crazy governors, they want it to be law you can carry a gun anywhere in the state. because when i think of safety, i think of nothing better than college kids drinking in bars. >> stephanie: what could possibly go wrong. >> caller: these people are taken seriously. that's the sad part about it. >> stephanie: this is a former nra president. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] banning guns because of the way they look is just like segregation. >> oh, god. >> stephanie: why do you even bother having a debate with people like this? she equated the banning of guns because of the way they look. people were warned that president obama was re-elected, he would be coming after our guns. the predictions have panned out. >> the fact he hasn't done it is proof that he's planning to. >> stephanie: this is when you start getting into the lunatic
6:24 am
fringe -- the president is behind the shooting in newtown to get gun control enacted. you're off down the rabbit hole. she said we're in for a massive fight like we've never seen before. s the color of a gun, the way it looks, it is just bad politics. >> oh, my god. wow. >> stephanie: that's exactly the same. and you're not banning a gun because of the way it looks. >> it is what it does. >> you're a gunnist. that's what you are. you put people in prison because of what they do. not because of how they look. >> it makes me look fat. >> stephanie: right. that's what i meant. >> stephanie: alabama, right wing douche nozzle alabama forces teachers to be armed. another what could possibly go wrong, vermont teacher turns in rifle before being committed to a mental institution. vermont high schoolteacher was admitted to a psychiatric
6:25 am
hospital after posting disturbing videos on youtube. steven davis had a bushmaster rifle in his possession and willingly handed it over to police as they came to his home to investigate. high capacity clips and about 500 rounds of ammunition. the rantings on facebook were highly critical of the high school. he criticized the administration and the unions and said he had plans for retribution. [ wah wah ] >> stephanie: that's another thing about the more gun solution to everything is teaches are people too. you don't know who might be unstable or might not be. it is adding more guns in any situation just seems -- oh, for instance, this one. drunk man celebrating his birthday shoots and kills fellow customer in a brooklyn diner over a squabble. >> as you do. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> stephanie: jason lies was trying to stop an inebriated man. the drunk smacked him. he said why did you smack me? we don't have to shed blood for this. the gunman disagreed shooting
6:26 am
him once in the chest. he just put the gun to his heart and pulled the trigger said the owner of the diner. it took two seconds. when you talk about more guns because -- >> drunk people -- in a normal argument, it wouldn't end that way, right? >> just shoot everyone in the bar just to -- >> stephanie: make sure you got some of the bad ones. >> averages show at least 10% will be bad guys. the other 90%? oh well, freedom. >> stephanie: michelle in baltimore, maryland. hello, michelle, welcome. >> caller: hello stephanie. first, i would like to say that i would totally go gay for you. >> stephanie: awesome. >> caller: i would be your wife. i'm a professional chef. i would take such good care of you, my dear. >> stephanie: now we're talkin'. >> caller: of course i'm your age so you'll probably want to
6:27 am
find something fun and young on the side. i understand. >> this is like the perfect woman! >> stephanie: my monday is shaping up nicely. all right. go ahead michelle. >> caller: as far as the mooks are concerned you guys rock. but here's why i called to talk about. the second amendment the bill of rights, it says a well-regulated militia. that's the quote that everyone likes to wave around like it is a flag. the word "regulated" is right in there. this is not -- why is it so confusing? it states our founders wanted it regulated. it does not say a well-supplied militia. it does not say we have the right to any gun we want. it says it is the responsibility of the electorate to regulate the militia. >> stephanie: those. those founding fathers were big government overregulators.
6:28 am
>> caller: apparently it needs to be challenged in a different direction. the supreme court we have now is clueless. but maybe in two years maybe in three years. >> stephanie: absolutely. >> of course, we have a well-regulated militia called the national guard and an army and air force and coast guard. >> stephanie: armed to the teeth. patty in arizona you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi patty. >> caller: stephanie, love the show. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: i thought it would be interesting for you all to know that jared loughner was able to get a gun, i believe it was the same morning of the tucson shooting. but if you possess -- >> stephanie: looking at him who would sense anything is awry there? >> caller: if you possess a medical marijuana card in this state, you can't get a gun because we're a dangerous bunch right? >> oh, boy.
6:29 am
>> caller: i don't know what kind of criteria they're going by. i don't want a gun but it would be safer to give me one than jared loughner. >> i'm pretty sure i haven't heard stoners say yeah, let's just go and shoot stuff. >> stephanie: they're too lazy. >> i'll just sit here on the couch and eat cheetos. >> stephanie: a lot more cheeto eating. the rude pundit next on "the stephanie miller show." guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me.
6:30 am
>>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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>> announcer: stephanie miller. >> damn it. i've got a serious case of the mondays! >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 34 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. monday. ♪ the rude pundit ♪ >> stephanie: good morning rudeness. >> good morning. >> stephanie: i don't know if you heard tell but i was quoting you all day friday because you suddenly became a happy clappy liberal like me. my general nay saying friends you wrote a great piece about the fiscal cliff and your take on it in your rude style. >> well, you know, i'm not going to sit here and be like every other pundit that tries to pretend he knows everything about every subject but i figure i do know a little something
6:35 am
about politics and messaging and you know, the politics of the fiscal cliff deal was -- they set things up to be kind of a blast coming up, i think. >> stephanie: right. go ahead sorry. >> no, i was going to say that it really -- once you've gotten them to fold once, it is easier to get them to fold again and you had to get them to vote for the tax increase. >> stephanie: rude interesting you say the timing. you've heard everyone talking about newt gingrich is stop this nonsense over the debt ceiling because you're just going to fold anyway, right? >> right. and that obama's being -- let's hope that he's going to hold to the nonnegotiating position. let's hope he's -- i don't know, threatens the trillion dollar coin or whatever he might do. >> stephanie: right. >> i love the trillion dollar coin. >> stephanie: me too. i would put your face on it if i had a choice. >> thank you. the hijinks people could have, you know, trying to rob the trillion dollar -- that's like
6:36 am
three or four movies right there. >> pants pocket when i threw them -- >> stephanie: the other way to get republicans to vote for it is to put reagan on it. what's not great about that. you voted against the reagan coin? [ applause ] >> i like that. >> where would you keep it? >> stephanie: trillion dollar coin? >> stephanie: i don't know. >> bury it in the backyard? >> stephanie: what was the pierce brosnan movie where he played the art thief? >> "the thomas crown affair." >> bury it at the beach they'll find it there. >> stephanie: guys with the metal-detector. >> i got a $2 coin. >> i don't know. i guess ask somebody -- ask the stupidest person you know who put it away for you and they'll forget where it is. george w. bush, here, put this somewhere. oops. >> stephanie: you write about the fiscal cliff. you said let's put aside the myriad of questions about the fiscal cliff aversion deal and concentrate on one of the pleasures of the entire experience. president obama wrecked the
6:37 am
republicans ideologically, you want to cling to your [ bleep ] negotiator idea this time. then explain it. i'm not going to read the whole thing. i thought you explained it really well. >> again, if they had waited until we went off the fiscal cliff, until all of the tax rates went up and all republicans would have been voting on it, the tax cut which they would have been fine with doing. they wouldn't have broken any grover norquist pledge or anything like that. they would have hmmed and hawed but he might have gotten it so that it was income above $250,000. however, by making them vote on a tax hike, that forced them to just -- i mean, it was really was like having the virgin in the backseat and finally getting the panties to come off. >> stephanie: thank you for that. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: you compared it, you said, yeah, mother [ bleep ]
6:38 am
>> two women in the backseat. there you go. >> stephanie: perfect for all of us. >> not too sexist then. >> stephanie: it is like finally convincing the tight ass kid in your dorm room to smoke some weed and chill the [ bleep ] out. it is hard to say how huge it is. it has been decades. >> it has been two decades at least since they made this their mantra. that they will not raise taxes. this is something that i guess is post-george h.w. bush. and maybe early in the clinton years. but since then, it has been -- they simply will not do it. now they don't have that anymore. he took that away from them. and that's kind of brilliant. because in my most hopeful moments, it is the beginning of the year you know, maybe that's all it is. >> stephanie: maybe you'll re-claim your lost cynicism.
6:39 am
who knows. >> i figure as soon as we get to the next budget round of negotiations, maybe even the hagueel nomination, who knows what it will be. >> stephanie: right. when you lose your innocence. >> right now i'm innocent and hopeful and think well maybe if they get used to voting for something -- >> oh, bless your heart rude. >> maybe they can cooperate. the hagueel thing is one of those times where i'm watching the commentators, mccain and others talk about their problems of hegel and that's really just an sftu moment. just stop. >> stephanie: it is a republican now they don't like because of obama. you're right rude. in terms of what the fiscal cliff did, you read one story after another about a party that's in disarray. it is hilarious. >> it really is. and they don't know -- you know, mcconnell, i've heard various things that mcconnell wants to
6:40 am
try to turn back the tea party because you know, there is a chance he could be challenged now in the primaries before he has to face ashley judd which would be kind of awesome. that's a debate i would love to see by the way is mitch mcconnell versus ashley judd, you know. >> stephanie: or any of the judds really. you also talk about the bonuses that the fiscal vote cliff tossed the hastert rule into the toilet and flushed. >> yeah, that was the thing dennis hastert gave the speech and i forget what year, early when he was speaker of the house and if you don't remember dennis hastert, think about your very heavy uncle who breathes heavy and wears squinty glasses. >> breathes through his mouth. >> hitting the gavel. [heavy breathing] he had this
6:41 am
rule that he started that said he would not allow any bill to be voted on unless it had a majority of the majority in favor of it. so that meant there couldn't be coalitions of say moderate republicans and democrats that could get a bill through. it had to -- it had to appease the nuts on some level. and so this broke that. the fiscal cliff deal because it only had 85 i think republicans voted for it. and that was nowhere near a majority of the majority. >> bribed by meat products. >> stephanie: like sausage. republican intransigents had to be kicked down the stairs of the capitol because obama knows he's dealing with idea logs. you go to the point you say he and nancy pelosi had to put together a governing coalition of democrats and republicans who actually give a [ bleep ] about governing so the cherry has been
6:42 am
popped as you say. >> yes the returning to the metaphor at hand. i guess at hand -- never mind. so yeah, there's now this idea that maybe we can actually -- maybe some of the moderate republicans can walk away from the caucus and actually vote for some things. maybe there is the possibility of putting some deals together because he took away one of their major issues. and none of those 85 republicans can go and run again on "i will never raise taxes." >> stephanie: now, he made this division clearer between eric cantor and i don't know, the tea partiers and they're a mess. and then right after that, the hurricane sandy thing comes up and you've got peter king and all of the northeast republicans disembal lowing boehner along with chris christie. it is a spectacle.
6:43 am
>> it is. that's one of the other fun side effects of this is he totally exacerbated the war that the republican party has to have in the wake of the election. you know, somebody who tweeted this weekend, i can't remember who it was which blogger it was who said he can't help but thinking that if republicans really wanted to have a say in who the defense secretary is going to be, they probably should have run a better candidate for president. >> stephanie: exactly. what do you think? obviously republicans saying oh, gee, this will come as a shock but we'll be against something the president is for. they're saying he will have a tough confirmation. what do you think? >> they're going to put up a show and vote for him. that's all this has to be. because again that's the smart thing in nominating hagel is you're now nominating somebody that they have mcconnell giving the speech, praising him as he was leaving the senate on what a great statesman chuck hagel was.
6:44 am
but because he said -- you know, i'm a little more worried about some of his anti-gay and pro torture rhetoric than i am about he said something mean about the israel lobby -- >> stephanie: eric boehlert coming up at the top of the hour, i think he tweeted bill crystal's grumpy that chuck hagel was right about iraq. he was wrong. >> we know bill crystal is wrong about everything. >> stephanie: right. >> by the way my favorite thing this weekend that if a democrat had said this about a black man it would have just been everywhere on fox was mcconnell saying that obama's going to be dragged kicking and screaming to spending cuts. >> stephanie: nice. >> wow. there's nothing that sounds better than a man with a kentucky accent talking about dragging a black man. >> stephanie: yeah, that plays well. so rude, quickly before we go, what do you think is going to happen with this? because here we go again right? the president saying i'm not doing this time and the
6:45 am
republicans are saying yeah, we're doing it over the debt ceiling. >> over the debt ceiling? i actually think that there's enough momentum to say let this one go. that again in happy clappy mode normally i would say the republicans, they're going to do whatever they can to screw the president over and the nation over. but i think that at this point they may let it go or i'm hoping obama stands his ground so firmly as to say maybe the 14th amendment solution, i heard another solution this week that said that the debt ceiling is -- it is even beyond the 14th amendment the debt ceiling is simply what obligation does he have first to the debt ceiling or to paying the actual debts. and that the safety of the nation impels him to actually pay the debt. >> stephanie: yep. we'll see. nancy pelosi is talking about that. we'll see how it plays out. we may end up with a trillion dollar coin and some really
6:46 am
great movies. >> i'm tellin' ya, ocean's 14 is going to happen! >> stephanie: ocean's 14. love you rudeness. see you next week. 46 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." >> call the political party line now. 1-800-steph-12. about telling them, you're put on this planet for something more. i want this show to have an impact beyond just informing. an impact that gets people to take action themselves. as a human being, that's really important. this is not just a spectator sport.
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i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can
6:50 am
question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. ♪ dig if you will the picture ♪ ♪ you and i -- >> stephanie miller ♪ you and i engage in a kiss ♪ ♪ the sweat of the body covers me ♪ ♪ can you my darling can you picture this ♪ >> take a shower. >> no, thanks.
6:51 am
>> stephanie: 50 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. cameron in charlotte jim. >> yes? >> stephanie: wants to ask you, you know who else had a national database to track weapons? >> hitler? >> stephanie: that's right. [ ding ding ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: everyone tries to get to that before you do. okay. the president on this whole upcoming debt ceiling debate again. >> obama: one thing i will not compromise is whether or not the congress should pay the tab for a bill they've racked up. if congress refuses to give the united states the ability to pay its bills on time, the consequences for the entire global economy could be catastrophic. >> stephanie: mitch says it is a shame we have to use whatever leverage we have in congress to get the president to deal with the biggest problem confronting us. it is a shame. it's a shame we have to take hostages again but we have to. >> the tax issue is finished, over. completed. that's behind us. now the question is what are we going to do about the biggest
6:52 am
problem confronting our country? and our future. and that's our spending addiction. it is time to confront it. the president knows that. he's mentioned it both publicly and privately. the time to confront it is now. >> we have to get rid of the free loading old people. sick people. >> stephanie: he suggested making them into mulch. right. sorry. >> save lots of money that way. >> mulch to line his terrarium. >> stephanie: tatiana in pensacola, florida, you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: thank you so much. how are you guys? >> stephanie: we're good. >> caller: i want to be really, really really, really quick. i want to say number one in regard to the debt ceiling thing -- yeah, the debt ceiling i think that we need to support president obama in whatever decisions that he makes because i feel that president obama always has the long view and so
6:53 am
many times we get caught up in what we want at that particular moment and we mess ourselves up and we have to be careful. we have to chip away at taking a house back and we need to be careful with it. we may not be able to take it all back in 2014 but we can chip away. we have to remain together. tight, cohesive and move as one unit. >> stephanie: i agree. i was reading an analysis of what's happening right now in congress. we really do have this odd situation where these tea party -- they don't really represent anybody. they don't have enough power to do anything against the president and the senate and they're just -- i mean seriously, just useless. >> now that the koch brothers and -- they have stopped lavishing money on them. >> they realized it was a poor investment. >> stephanie: they're so out of step with what most americans want -- >> but there are still just enough of them to hold sway over the republican party and cause
6:54 am
disarray. >> stephanie: to make john boehner have to go in his office on a daily basis and do his cartoon drinking. >> we're out of bourbon again! i'll have to go back to the tavern. >> stephanie: lisa in wisconsin. you're on "the stephanie miller show." welcome, lisa. >> caller: hi, there. mcconnell doesn't understand that he and his buddies brought a wrecked total damaged car into the garage and obama. 's just the mechanic. he's trying to fix it. they keep coming back to the garage yelling at them or what happened to their car. it makes no sense but my comment is about mccain and lindsey graham. i'm so sick of them being disrespectful about the president. they were complaining on c-span and mccain said something i found very offensive as a democrat when he was complaining, of course about obama, he mentioned that obama's crowd was cheering and clapping
6:55 am
for him. he said all those activists were cheering for him. he needs to wake up and realize most of america i guess we're all activists then and the 50% that are republican still just don't know that they shouldn't be. they've been tricked into believing the brainwashing. they consider themselves republican. once they find out the facts there won't be much left of the republican party. i'm sick of the founding fathers. nobody in america relates to the founding fathers. nobody's related to them. we're all immigrants. all they are slaveholders. anybody who you know, think they're wonderful or wants to follow the founding fathers they're stuck in the 1700s. that's all i wanted to say. >> stephanie: thank you. >> i don't think all of them were slaveholders. >> stephanie: that was a broad brush. >> they're all idiots. >> stephanie: kimberly in
6:56 am
florida. you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> pull my finger. >> caller: hi, stephanie. happy new year. >> stephanie: happy new year. >> caller: i want to give a comment on the guns. i noticed that all they do is kill people with the semi-automatics. i never see a wildlife come and say they have 60 deer dead or quails. i hear it is human lives taken by the semi-automatic weapons. now it is babies. when are they going to wake up? that was my comment. >> when they arm the babies. >> stephanie: exactly. all right. mitch mcconnell i could not get enough of him. he was everywhere yesterday. >> it is time to face up to the fact that our nation is in grave fiscal danger and that it has everything to do with spending. >> let's hold the whole country hostage until it meets my demands. >> stephanie: democrats said
6:57 am
further tax increases for the wealthiest were possible as congress looks to -- we aren't going to be able to get to the kind of revenue we need. democrats point out obama has already agreed to specific spending cuts and delay the deal gets the nation to about half of revenue it needs to resolve the red ink. dick durbin said there are plenty of things where people can park their money offshore and not pay taxes. these are things that need to be closed. we can do that and use the money to reduce the deficit. >> social security is not the problem. >> stephanie: right. >> it is something we paid into. if they lift the cap, it is solvent for -- >> stephanie: thank you. >> for the foreseeable future. >> stephanie: mitch mclipless. >> i wish the president would lead us into this discussion rather than putting himself in the position of having to be dragged kicking and screaming to the table to discuss the second biggest issue confronting our future. >> stephanie: rude was right. that was some unfortunate imagery from a white guy from kentucky. >> perhaps we should put him on some kind of boat.
6:58 am
>> stephanie: okay. mcconnell was asked repeatedly whether republicans were prepared to see the nation default on spending obligations. that wouldn't be necessary so long as obama agrees to the spending cuts. i see. that's generally what you say in a hostage crisis. we don't want to shoot the hostages. all you need to do is agree to our demands. what's so hard to understand about that? eric boehlert with some great stuff as usual and right-wing world as we continue on "the stephanie miller show." [ ♪ theme ♪ ]
6:59 am
>> stephanie: hello! current television land. hour number two, eric boehlert coming up with right-wing world. jim, here's a little something for you, saturday night at my house, jacki schechner melissa fitzgerald on my couch. >> well, hey now. any pictures? >> stephanie: actually, no, i don't think there are. >> no, no pictures but i will admit you outlasted me. if i remember correctly i curled up on the couch under a blanket and fell asleep -- >> stephanie: you did. just like a little puppy. she fell asleep in a little pile. >> and you and melissa were chatting away. you usually go to bed at about 7:30 or 8:00 leaving the rest of us to chat amongst ourselves. >> stephanie: you were curled up like an infant and she took you home in a car seat.
7:00 am
>> she buckled me in back. >> stephanie: sorry jim. just wanted to make sure you're paying attention. here she is, jacki schechner snuggled into the current news center. >> senator rand paul is calling for a gradual end to foreign aid to israel and he's doing it while in israel. the kentucky senator speaking in jerusalem today argues that we can't afford to keep giving money to other countries adding it would be tougher for us to be an ally of israel if we're broke. right now, we give israel about $3 billion in military aid. paul has been against u.s. spending abroad for a long time now. but he did add we should first cut back to countries like pakistan and egypt and that we shouldn't disengage from israel entirely but rather we should be selling armaments and not giving them away. paul recently joined the senate foreign relationses committee. this is his very first trip to israel. some trouble for him on the homefront, too this weekend his 19-year-old son was arrested at the airport in charlotte north carolina. allegedly for being drunk. william paul detained and booked
7:01 am
for underage consumption disorderly conduct and being intoxicated and disruptive. senator paul's office released a statement asking for privacy and respect. and it seems like mississippi congressman steven pal a zoe is selective when it comes to disaster aid. post-katrina storm relief, all good. but post-superstorm sandy relief for the northeast not so much. talking points memo has details of the hypocrisy. he was one of 667 house members -- 67 house members to voted against for $9.7 billion in immediate aid but back in 2005 palazzo a local government official in mississippi lobbied hard for federal money to help his local community rebuild in the aftermath of hurricane katrina saying national leaders should stop sending inspectors to mississippi and start sending money. we're back after the break. arguments to feel confident in
7:02 am
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>> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." happy monday. six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. the web site, check it out. get the last remaining tickets for january 19th. not this saturday. next saturday. inauguration weekend. the tickets are going very, very quickly. sexy liberal palooza hal john, aisha, chris jim jacki opening the show. two huge surprise celebrity
7:06 am
guests. it is monday. one of my favorite days for one reason. eric boehlert from media matters for america doing the lord's work as usual. ♪ hurt so good ♪ ♪ come on, baby ♪ >> eric boehlert. ♪ hurt so good ♪ eric boehlert from media matters who we love. ♪ hurt so good ♪ >> stephanie: good morning eric boehlert. >> hey how are you? >> stephanie: good. i was talking about your tweet earlier about i assume bill crystal's furious at hagel for being right about the iraq war. that's probably what that's all about, right? >> and there's something very depressing about how the press automatically takes you know, neocons and iraq war proponents seriously. the people who got everything wrong about the iraq war don't like chuck hagel so we have to sit up and pay attention to bill crystal. as i tweeted this morning reminded me again why i care who
7:07 am
bill crystal thinks should be obama's secretary? >> stephanie: you can go back and do guess the quote with john mccain and you know, mitch mcconnell back -- literally -- you know, when it is something obama wants they're against it. >> oh, yeah. if for whatever odd reason, bush nominated hagel to be secretary of defense whatever, he would have gotten every republican vote. i'm assured of that. but obama nominates him and you know, here we have the republican party which is going to use up its few remaining resources to oppose -- >> stephanie: a republican -- >> republican vietnam vet from nebraska to be secretary of defense. we're in bizarro world at this point. >> stephanie: here's john mccain in 2006, i would be honored to have chuck with me in any capacity. he would make a great secretary of state. wow. it is incredible. >> it is amazing. the other thing that kind of bothers me is right so the press
7:08 am
has been knocking obama you know. why hasn't he changed the tone of washington. why hasn't he single-handedly ended partisan gridlock? you know, now he goes out of his way to make what i think is probably the most high-profile, across the aisle nominee in modern american history maybe i'm missing something obvious but -- i don't think -- he was always a republican. so here he goes out of his way to make this really bold -- i'm going to nominate someone from the other party and he's just getting completely hammered not only by republicans but most of the beltway press. so you know, why is obama wasting time with chuck hagel? oh, you know, hagel has all kinds of problems. no one will even acknowledge that oh, gee this is barack obama trying to change the tone in washington and he's being met once again by the radical
7:09 am
republicans who will oppose anything he says. it is almost like obama's using this as a test case. i think he really wants hagel to be secretary of defense. i don't think he's playing games or anything. but he could almost use this as a test case. let's nominate a respected republican vietnam from the midwest and let's see what the republican party does and let's see if they will prove our thesis that they are basically insane. >> stephanie: political folgers commercial. by the way speaking of hypocrisy, your tweet about fox loonies unloaded again on gore today for being unable to resist the urge to make a lot of money. ie capitalism is bad. i've said this over and over again. we learned this with the sexy liberal tour, there is nothing that makes them crazier than liberals succeeding at capitalism. >> it really does. breitbart blogger attacking gore
7:10 am
for the sale of current. he made $100 million the blocker said that he didn't really need. when is the last time -- >> stephanie: by the way they said it on fox news owned by foreigner rupert murdoch and a saudi prince. >> the saudi prince part has been forgotten. when is the last time any right wing bloggers posted by exxon they don't need that extra profit? what's wrong with these people? they really do, you know, capitalism is supposed to be their sandbox. so when a democrat succeeds or a liberal or progressive, you know, they kind of freak out. >> why does al gore hate sandboxes? >> stephanie: i think john fuglesang snuck on fox news and just them having to say sexy liberal number one comedy tour in the country made them -- [ explosion ] by the way i loved your piece the return of the clinton crazies because this has to be a new low. the fact that they're mocking
7:11 am
and laughing at what is clearly a serious health issue for secretary, right? >> this was two-fold. hillary clinton wasn't able to testify about benghazi because you know, she caught a virus became dehydrated, fainted suffered a concussion. first, the right wing crazies were she's faking it. she's a clinton. she must be lying. where is the medical report. just really unseemly stuff. but then it morphed into this is a big joke. bill owe -- o'reilly went on when he called it an immaculate concussion. dana perino was laughing out loud because her cohosts on the five were making hillary head comment jokes. god, that's just awful. but then the blood clot news comes along. something that in theory is potentially life-threatening. it really highlights like --
7:12 am
honestly, what is -- something incredibly bad had happened to hillary clinton and they were like laughing about her health! clinton crazies people might not have forgotten. they made their trademark for making just wildly hateful and incredibly personal attacks on the clintons. it was obama derangement syndrome before there was obama derangement syndrome. they were killing people. they were running drugs. it was really -- but back then, really they had fax machines and cbs. >> stephanie: we had been distracted by obama derangement syndrome. we had forgotten about clinton derangement syndrome. obviously with the speculation of her leaving and running for president. here she is in the cross hairs again. >> so she's coming back to more possibly to more of a high profile position in terms of american domestic politics. this is a preview and yes i think there is something incredibly unseemly and
7:13 am
disgusting with the sort of mostly right wing men laughing about the health of a 65-year-old woman. this is all -- this is a soulless movement increasingly. >> stephanie: let's dive into the right-wing world and get some more, shall we? rush limbaugh on the president. >> obama's number one objective -- hard to say number one -- but in his top five is to erase all vestiges of the reagan years to have an entire and total complete revision of the history of the reagan years. democrats are bothered by that as much as anything in american history bothers them. the success of the reagan years. big threat. the success of the reagan years was one of the biggest threats the democrats ever faced. >> stephanie: i think economists can all agree eric that trickle down economics wildly successful.
7:14 am
[ wah wah ] >> billionaires. >> rush has been having a tough year so far. i don't know what's going on. you can hear it in his comments there. he seems to be out of it. he's talking about the reagan years. he seems to be almost half asleep when he's talking. he hasn't had anything interesting to say about the budget negotiations or anything. it is kind of weird. he came back from the new year. he seems to be kind of completely out of it. and he's not -- he hasn't been the player that he was you know in the last couple of months or the last year. i'm curious. we'll see if it changes. >> i notice he's overmodulating on the microphone. maybe his hearing is going again. >> stephanie: i think it is a symbol eric of what kind of disarray the republican party is in. it is so -- you have eric cantor, the tea party republicans fighting boehner and what kind of even semireasonnable republicans
7:15 am
christie and the northeastern republicans criticizing the other. it is a mess right now. >> it is a mess. and traditionally when there has been the vacuum, this is where the right wing media has rushed in and rush limbaugh and fox news and particularly after mccain got beat so badly they rushed in. we will be the conservative movement. you guys do whatever you do in congress which haven't much in terms of the republicans. now, it is far worse than it was four years ago. you know the sandy debacle boehner not being able to pass plan b and then, you know, sort of falling down in terms of the negotiations with the white house. but yeah, yeah, i mean -- >> stephanie: they're put in the position of having to defend the indefensible, michelle imagine had to defend boehner. it wasn't his fault hurricane sandy. relief wasn't brought to a vote. what? >> it was obama's fault. we're seeing more and more of this. obama now basically controls the
7:16 am
republican party. when they do something stupid or they don't do anything at all it is not their fault. it is obama's fault. >> stephanie: yep. i guess -- maybe that's going to be their fallback for the next four years. you know, republican party no longer has -- has any destiny. obama runs everything. it is weird. >> stephanie: here's charles krauthammer defending boehner. >> i think boehner postponed the vote until today was absolutely right. $60 billion including a ton of pork. the part that was essential was what passed today was to replenish the flood insurance. that's right. and the rest ought to be debated in regular order. >> interesting because ten days after katrina hit bush signed emergency funds passed by the republican white house. i went back and was looking recently, there wasn't a peep from fox news.
7:17 am
there was not a peep from charles krauthammer or anyone at fox news in those ten days talking about a rape of the treasury? is that what he called it? people in new jersey, new york and connecticut. that's a pleasant term. >> stephanie: robert andrews the congressman from jersey was on on friday. he put in such stark human terms about there was a guy on the boardwalk that lost his business. he will not get the funds now in time to open this year. that guy may lose his house. i don't know how he's feeding his kids. this has real consequences. >> i think it was cavuto, there were other people on fox last week and a couple conservative journalists. there was someone at the national review last week saying hey, let's just slow down. there's no rush. there's no rush. >> stephanie: who needs a roof and to eat? >> what were you doing for the last ten weeks? like i said, you know, katrina ten days. i think irene was like 18 or 19
7:18 am
days. there is no precedent in modern american history for emergency relief and an event even approaching the size of sandy taking ten weeks and then at the ten weeks mark -- ten-week mark, people like krauthammer saying let's debate this. >> stephanie: it occurs to me, eric, that's why they put the word "emergency" in the title. >> chris christie and new york and new jersey delegations were begging republicans to debate this for ten weeks. and they just sat on it. >> stephanie: absolutely. >> the republican house after katrina, wanted to pass $60 billion, the exact same amount which is amazing, you know. fox news didn't say boo. >> stephanie: exactly. eric boehlert remains in the sidecar. we continue right-wing world after this, on "the stephanie miller show." >> oh, god! that feels weird and good all at once. >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show."
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(vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything.
7:22 am
>> stephanie miller ♪ tell her about it ♪ ♪ tell her everything you feel ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "the stephanie miller show." 24 minutes after the hour. we continue right-wing world with eric boehlert from media matters. greg gutfield on the five. more of the clinton derangement syndrome. >> hillary clinton is back rhode island to guilty hope for her sake, our government's sake that she recovers fully. especially given the shroud of mystery over all things benghazi. because it is really about that secrecy and the media contorting itself in every way to let it happen. so why is it shameful to wonder
7:23 am
what's wrong with the head of our state department when she suddenly vanishes in the wake of the department's biggest scandal. >> what about you? >> our outrage toward skeptics. thankfully hillary is okay but skepticism that's on life support. the media has traded it in. >> stephanie: the first part of that sounded so sincere didn't it, eric? >> what 12th grader wrote that for him? okay, so we were just being skeptical. when you make -- from greg gutfeld who made jokes about her head trauma on national tv. they don't have the guts to admit they did what they did. we were just being skeptical. we were just being journalists. they don't have the guts to admit what they did which was they went on tv and they laughed at her concussion. not only did they say she made it up then they laughed about it because it is a big joke when a 65-year-old woman suffers head
7:24 am
trauma. that's what you dig greg gutfeld. have the nerve to address it. don't lecture people about skepticism. >> stephanie: there was no apology in there for that. like i said, we're looking at it. this sort of increasingly soulless political movement. >> stephanie: andrea. >> it was a historic day in washington yesterday as 20 women were sworn into the u.s. senate. that's a record number but is there something about being a woman that makes them superior lawmakers? >> women getting along well is the longest-running lie in the history of the world. that women are consensus builders baloney. does anybody watch -- do you want your government run by "the view"? >> stephanie: wow. you know, there's so much outright racism on that show that you forget about the sexism sometimes. >> especially with women sitting on the panel. >> yeah, yeah, yeah.
7:25 am
gutfeld has expressed his confused feelings about women for years. >> don't call me a miss misogynist, you dumb bitch. >> stephanie: lou dobbs. >> how much schools are vulnerable amongst the laws being introduced in washington, in one instance, a law to ban a gun-free zone designation for public schools which as we look at what happened in sandy hook, it makes all the sense in the world. >> stephanie: it's just -- the story in the post, here we go. we're going to be up against the forces of more guns as always the solution. right? >> if you go back to virginia tech, what did we get? organized effort by the nra to start passing legislation in the states let's have guns on campus. i don't know if you saw the article last year, colorado is one of the states that did it.
7:26 am
and there are a couple of universities that embraced it and i'm absolutely sure i read this article where the dorm where you can carry guns is basically empty because no one wants to live there. why would you want to go to college and be with your dorm up and down the hall, everyone has guns. it is crazy. but after virginia tech, after all of these then that is then sort of covered as the gun debate. oh, should we have more guns at schools or things like that. it is a good example of how the nra skews the mainstream conversation. >> stephanie: bill o'reilly. is he still parsing the mitt romney results? >> 35% of the hawaiian population's asians, asian people are not liberals by nature they're loosely more inindustrious and hard working. >> liberal people aren't industrious or hard working? [ scooby-doo's "huh?" ] >> all asian people are exactly alike. >> god!
7:27 am
>> you know, you were saying o'reilly still analyzing the mitt romney loss. mitt romney is not even analyzing the mitt romney loss. he didn't care three days after. >> stephanie: according to tagg -- >> according to bill o'reilly, trying to read the tea leaves. bill, he lost by 150 electoral votes. >> stephanie: eric boehlert, great stuff. talk to you next week. there he goes. eric boehlert for media matters. 29 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." with alan grayson. right have, about the "heavy hand of government" ... i want to have that conversation. let's talk about it. really? you're going to lay people off because now the government is going to help you fund your healthcare. really? i want to have those conversations, not to be confrontational, but to
7:28 am
understand what the other side is saying, and i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table.
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7:32 am
>> apparently being. >> stephanie miller -- >> involves having two arms and two legs and the occasional oracle. >> stephanie: enough about my weakness. >> i didn't know john lithgow was your boyfriend. >> stephanie: 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. oh, did i say former and future? isn't that what i said? >> it is not former and future. it is current! >> announcer: and now it's time for congressman alan grayson and your chance to taste the grayson. >> stephanie: good morning current. >> how fashionable. former and fashionable. >> stephanie: good morning sir. >> hi, how are you? >> stephanie: good. how was the big fancy, becoming a congressman again ceremony? >> i got through it. i had to say i do or something
7:33 am
like that. i had to take some kind of oath. >> stephanie: boy, you're back just in time to see a republican party in really kind of historical disarray, aren't they? >> oh, yes right. they're divided between the far right and the extreme right. >> stephanie: you know, these days we could be doing guess the quote where you would guess alan grayson and it tends to be a republican whether it's chris christie or peter king. i love -- what's his name. d'amato, senator al d'amato he said of the republicans in congress, they're a bunch of jackasses. i would have guessed alan grayson. >> i would have come up with something a little more eloquent elegant than that. a little more metaphorical. >> stephanie: "the new york daily news" just ran this piece which is the 67 republicans who voted against sandy aid. really? it's hard to keep using the word
7:34 am
unprecedented but it really is true. >> the same 67 over and over again. the bath salts caucus. they would rather eat your face than cut taxes on the rich. >> stephanie: zombie caucus. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: um, yeah. so what -- i can't believe you're back in time -- just feel like a flashback for the debt ceiling debate. how is this going to play out? >> it is far worse. when i was in, when i was in, i'm not talking about prison, i'm talking about congress. when i was in, we got stuff done. things came up. we took care of them. now, it is just hopeless. it is complete morass. everyone is held hostage by those 67. the whole country. >> stephanie: here's, on "meet the press" yesterday, let's see. so mitch mcconnell is asked whether they were going to hold the debt ceiling ransom in exchange for spending cuts. mcconnell says it is a shame we have to use whatever leverage we have to get the president's
7:35 am
attention. it's incredible. >> rush his calls -- return his calls. >> stephanie: lindsey graham did not dismiss a partial shutdown of the government. john cornyn said the same thing. floated the idea of a shutdown to win deeper spending cuts. >> spending cuts on what? on what? on social security benefits and medicare benefits. always seems to come back to that. social security system which has been operating from profit every single year since it was created, the medicare system solvent for another eight years and somehow they need to be cut cut, cut cut cut. they claim they want to save these things when in fact, they just want to destroy them. >> stephanie: chris van hollen, our friend your colleague said republican strategy is to give us what they want or we're going to tank the united states economy. >> the sequester strategy is the
7:36 am
same thing. they're cutting air-traffic control by 9%. air-traffic control! >> oh, my god. what morons! we have to burn the country in order to save it. >> stephanie: yeah. >> right approach to government. >> stephanie: do you see -- how do you see this playing out this time? >> oh, the same. the same thing's going to happen. it has happened nine times already when i was on my unpaid two-year vacation courtesy of the voters. it always comes down to the same thing. boehner finds some excuse to put something up for a vote and then it passes with democratic votes. that's what seems to happen over and over and over again. you know, they called it the hastert rule. the hastert rule was you never put anything up for vote unless the majority of your caucus believes in it. boehner has had to violate the rule over and over again otherwise the government would simply collapse. the same thing will happen
7:37 am
again. >> stephanie: it's hard to say. you've got -- obviously people putting forth the same arguments. schumer said i think risking government shutdown is playing playing with fire. anybody who says we'll raise the debt ceiling will not have a negotiating partner. if they don't want to raise the debt ceiling it will be on their shoulders. you know, but again nancy pelosi floating the 14th amendment. how do you think this is actually going to play out? >> well, what's going to happen, i think, is that the other side's paymasters on wall street will make their desires clear which is to avoided a further cut in the value of treasury debt as a result of the rating agencies. so i think what's going to happen is the wall street people will say to boehner look, you work for us. and we're telling you we want to vote. and regardless of how many of your people vote for him, we can get it passed with democratic votes. that's the way it's gotta be.
7:38 am
>> stephanie: i think hagel is a fairly brilliant move by the president because all of the republicans are against him. >> he could have picked jesus. [ laughter ] >> i hear he might be a jew. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: yeah, i mean -- we were just talking to eric boehlert about -- it's just -- here we go again. secretary of state clinton is back today but they have spent just this unbelievably -- this vicious news cycle attacking her for faking what is clearly a serious injury. >> look. what it comes down to is they have no business even giving their input okay. the senate has the right to advise and consent and that's it. a majority of the senate is democrats. that should be the end of the story. now, we've got bizarre rules about filibustering and holds and so on. it has been six years since the republicans allowed someone to
7:39 am
head the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms. six years since they allowed anybody to get into that position. they seem to think they don't have to pay a price for the stalling and putting in -- butting in. the president should be able to have the advisers who the president wants unless they've committed a phone. >> stephanie: right right. where does it stand filibuster reform? there's two different proposals right? >> well, yes. one proposal which harry reid seems to be strongly in favor of is now you get two different filibusters on every bill. every bill that comes up, you get the filibuster whether it's called to the floor and then you get the filibuster, the bill itself and people don't seem to have to pay any price for filibustering the call to the floor because they're saying well, it just isn't the best time. deal with it next week. so they filibuster the call to the floor and then they filibuster the bill. harry reid says no, that's absurd. you can filibuster the bill but not the call to the floor.
7:40 am
the second proposal which seems to have a substantial support is that if you want a filibuster, you have to get up there and keep talking and do it. >> stephanie: the jeff merkley one. >> there is a problem with that. if you do that, then nothing else can go to the floor. and that's one reason why reid's been reluctant to institute the rule over the years. that means that when you're not just filibustering that bill, you're filibustering all of the senate's business. that is potentially problematic. it should be that the cure will be worse than the disease. we'll have to wait and see. >> stephanie: you come back. your triumphant return to congress, alan grayson. >> back in the saddle again. >> stephanie: healthcare warrior that you are the very first thing that michele bachmann does is put forth a bill to repeal obama care for what? the 34th time now? >> something like that. >> actually, the second thing she did. >> stephanie: oh? >> first thing she did was in some respects more interesting than that. i don't know if you noticed this but when they reached the end of
7:41 am
the roll call, boehner needed 218 votes to be speaker and he was stuck at 216. and the reason for that is that some of republicans had voted for people other than boehner. allen west, your former colleague. >> possibly, i'm hoping the last time we'll ever hear that name. other republicans had ducked the vote. they didn't vote. they were out of the room or kept quiet or didn't respond. at the end of the roll call, boehner was short the votes because you don't need more than pelosi. you need a majority of the members of the house. 218 out of 435. it was some kind of odd give-and-take let us say between boehner's people and bachmann and she was dragged in and forced to say the word "boehner" in order to get him to 218. men marsha blackburn another
7:42 am
holdout, was also slapped around got him to 218. [ laughter ] that's what they needed to do. they needed to do something or other with bachmann in order to get her vote. that's how -- that's actually the first thing she did. the second thing she did was introduce the repeal bill. >> stephanie: you're having entirely too much fun. there's no laughing in congress. no fun. all right. former and future, love you so happy -- >> former and future? >> stephanie: i meant he was formerly former and future, currently congressman of the great state of florida. >> just call me frequent. >> stephanie: love you. talk to you soon, honey. >> frequent, familiar. >> stephanie: bye, love you. >> frequent and familiar congressman. i love that. >> stephanie: 45 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." >> we absolutely positively guarantee it will give me an orgasm? >> yeah. >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show."
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♪ >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 49 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. oh dear. the 19-year-old son of senator rand paul and ron paul's grandson arrested saturday morning for being intoxicated at charlotte douglas international airport. >> how old is he? >> stephanie: i don't mean to judge. i have frequently been
7:48 am
intoxicated at the charlotte airport. that's where my republican family lives. >> how old was he when he was intoxicated? >> 19. that seems to be doubly wrong. >> i don't have to follow the rules! >> stephanie: when he arrived at the airport, he was possibly served alcohol on the flight. ya think? i'm not sure how else he would have been intoxicated when he got to the airport. [ applause ] >> he wasn't in europe. >> stephanie: maybe he was transporting little tiny liquor bottles for john boehner. >> sure. anything's possible. >> stephanie: to beef up his collection. >> more, more! these are too small. glug glug, glug, glug, glug. [ ♪ "jeopardy" theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: by the way, jim, who said i need job like i need a hole in the head. who said that? >> john boehner. >> stephanie: yes. that's right. >> you kind of did the
7:49 am
impression while you were saying it. >> stephanie: i'm trying to be a helper because he's really bad at this. he said that in the wall "wall street journal." >> i need this job like i need a hole in the head. what i really need is more bourbon. >> stephanie: paul in philadelphia you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: good morning. >> stephanie: hello. >> caller: hi. i was just listening to your show. i'm happy to be following eric boehlert and alan grayson big fans of both of those guys. i think that the democrats need to take back the language of the debate we got going on here again and stop being pushed around by mitch mcturtle because the biggest problem we have in this country is not a spending problem. it is that 25 million people are out of work. and that would actually add to our -- you know, to our revenues and the more they -- the more they get paid and they get paychecks, the more money they put into the economy. which means more people have to be hired which means more people
7:50 am
are paying taxes which means blah blah, blah, blah, blah. there is our deficit problem. >> the main problem is the so-called job creators are sending jobs to china. >> also any number of ways we could stop that from happening. send them away for shipping jobs overseas. put a value-added tax on our imports to put us on a level playing field with the rest of the world in terms of job creation. >> stephanie: yep, absolutely. >> we definitely have to get that into our lawmakers' minds that they need to push back and say our biggest problem is not that we have a spending problem. it is that we have people like me who my only job right now is cleaning the ceiling fan in my kitchen and running the dishwasher instead of out there putting pipes together which is what i normally do for a living. >> at least you have a clean ceiling fan. >> stephanie: if you have time to notice what's on your ceiling fan -- >> you know what you do?
7:51 am
never turn the ceiling fan off so you don't notice the dust. >> stephanie: like a winter storm in kansas. it is a dust bowl in here. rag in los angeles. is that your actual name? >> caller: no, raj. >> stephanie: t-bone is drunk again. >> caller: obama is very smart. nowadays he picks these -- for secretary like chuck hagel that make republicans fight among themselves. that will make them -- for the 2014 election. it is like a self-inflicting wound for them. >> stephanie: i think you're enjoying that a little too much. in case you hadn't heard the news former nebraska senator chuck hagel republicans republicans they don't like anymore, it's weird. for defense secretary. he backed the iraq war but later became a critic of the bush
7:52 am
administration war policies. he supported the afghanistan war resolution but has become critical of the decades old conflict. he has often seen the afghan war. militaries are built to fight and win wars, not bind together failing nations. he spoke of the need for greater diplomacy noting the american people want out of the war. which is true. the president yesterday. >> obama: my number one criteria will be who's going to do the best job in helping to secure america. i've served with chuck hagel. i know him. he's a patriot. >> stephanie: lindsey graham said that hagel would be the most an taggist inic secretary of defense in our nation's history. you know why? it makes you an israel hater.
7:53 am
>> it makes more sense. >> stephanie: in twat 2000, he criticized sarah palin saying she lacked foreign policy credentials. it would be a stretch to consider her president. what? [ cuckoo clock chimes ] >> it turned out it was a stretch for her to be qualified for vice president. >> or anything for that matter. >> stephanie: he would make a great secretary of state. who said that? >> norman rockwell. >> stephanie: john mccain said that. he said he's not really a republican by his standards which are new apparently. jim, who said hagel was a respected leader in america who served his country admirably with honor and distinction? >> sarah palin. >> stephanie: no. [ buzzer ] also john mccain. of chuck hagel. >> interesting.
7:54 am
when did that change? [ ♪ "jeopardy" theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: who said chuck hagel has a clear voice on foreign policy and national security? >> who said that? john mclean. >> stephanie: no. senator mitch mcconnell. he said that previously about chuck hagel. [ ♪ "jeopardy" theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: who said hagel understands the world better than almost anyone. who said that? >> some hypocrite? >> stephanie: right. [ buzzer ] [ ding ding ] >> stephanie: that would be senator lamar alexander from tennessee. seem to have a different feeling about him at some previous point. senator dick durbin yesterday. >> a person has a -- include service on the foreign relationses committee. yes, he's a serious candidate. >> stephanie: just a little. let's go to howard in pittsburgh. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi howard. >> good morning. >> stephanie: good morning. >> caller: yes, i'm 71 years
7:55 am
old. i'm originally from upstate new york. utica, new york. >> stephanie: utica, all right. >> caller: i was fortunate to meet robert francis kennedy and i worked for the airline up there and we worked on the kennedy airplane. >> stephanie: oh wow. >> caller: one thing i've noticed about the kennedys and martin luther king is that they had a word that -- to me, as a progressive democrat is empathy. and i find that -- i think that republicans understood that word empathy at one point in time but i think after reagan came in, they learned to forget what empathy means. >> stephanie: howard, somebody said it best who called during the campaign. they said everyone said everybody doesn't like mitt romney because he's rich. they were saying no. everybody knew the kennedys were rich. you had a feeling they cared about people that weren't. obviously people didn't have that feeling with romney.
7:56 am
>> george romney. >> stephanie: right. >> speaking of kennedys, we have a couple of them on tomorrow's show. christopher kennedy lawford and patrick kennedy calling in. >> stephanie: we're all kennedyed up tomorrow. how weird. tomorrow just like magic -- [ ♪ magic wand ♪ ] >> i know how to tease! [ laughter ] >> stephanie: snuck away to broadcast school over the weekend. >> did i. >> stephanie: 58 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show."
7:57 am
7:58 am
[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: hello! hour number three current tv land. jacki schechner, i was just there in the current news center on friday doing governor granholm's show. >> you were? >> stephanie: i forgot to leave. >> bund cake, i apologize. >> has to be the tunnel of fudge bunt cake. >> i noticed my desk was shinier. did you do some housekeeping while you were here? >> i don't really have a desk. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: what do you have there? >> i share a table with like seven other people. >> aww! >> at various times throughout the day. >> stephanie: you're so little. i picture you having a perch like a canary. >> stop it. >> stephanie: i'll leave you some millet next time i'm there. sparrow-like jacki schechner in
7:59 am
the current news center. >> good morning, everybody. a new report out today from the migration policy institute says the obama administration spent $18 billion on immigration enforcement last fiscal year and that amount, get this, is more than the budgets than all other federal law enforcement agencies combined. nonpartisan think tank focuses on global immigration issues and the report found that u.s. government has spent more than $187 billion on immigration enforcement laws since 1986 and since then, there have been more immigration-related criminal prosecutions than cases generated by the justice department. npi concludes because of the money spent the actions taken and the case volume, it is fair to say the obama administration has made immigration enforcement its highest criminal law enforcement priority. the administration's economic priority right now is the raising of the debt ceiling.
8:00 am
u.s. has gotta lift it by the end of february or early march or else it will default on its fiscal obligations. this should be a routine exercise but republicans once again are threatening to hold the debt limit increase hostage in exchange for spending cuts which happened back in august of 2011 and standard & poors downgraded our credit rating at just the threat of default alone. as republicans call for a dollar for dollar match raising the debt ceiling versus spending cuts is very important that we remember this is an illogical demand. the debt ceiling has to do with paying off the bills that we've already incurred. we want to talk about future spending cuts and future deficit reduction. that's entirely separate conversation. in fact, democratic house leader nancy pelosi says the president should side step the fake fight altogether and vote the 14th amendment. we're back after the break. and invoke the 14th amendment. we're back after the break. now. (vo) she gets the comedians
8:01 am
laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? rogaine? well, i'll admit it. i was skeptical at first. but after awhile even my girlfriend noticed a difference. [ male announcer ] rogaine is proven to help stop hair loss. and for 85% of guys, it regrew hair. save up to 42% now at
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>> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's a "the stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. check it out. you can e-mail us all there executive director, chris lavoie voice deity jim ward. or me, stephanie miller. kids, it will be the show of all shows. >> it is the new year and time for a new inauguration. >> the president of the united states is once again barack obama. >> time for a new sexy liberal.
8:05 am
>> i'll have to speak to the people of my state from right here. >> no, a new sexy liberal show. >> january 19th. inauguration weekend in our nation's capital, at the warner theatre, the stephanie miller sexy liberal show. >> we have serious problems. >> featuring hal sparks. >> i have a lot of liberal friends who love this country enough to vote every other election. >> john fuglesang. >> aisha tyler. >> and the queen of progressive talk radio, stephanie miller. >> you dirty sleazy, sexy liberals. god bless you. the long-awaited washington, d.c. stephanie miller sexy liberal show at the warner theatre january 19th. >> stephanie: all right. by the way we laugh every time at the bourbon line. the aisha bourbon line. we have no idea what it's about. send down more bourbon bitches
8:06 am
i'm thirsty. >> the way she says it is funny. >> stephanie: it doesn't matter what she says. it's funny. >> fan boy. >> stephanie: right? every time she's on the show, she says something that ends up on the t-shirt. >> boog boogity boogity cheese. >> the president smells like cookies and freedom. >> people showed up with it. shirts that said cookies and freedom, bitches. >> stephanie: i don't get aisha's volume of love letters. steph, thanks to you and the crew at current, i'm become a hopeless stephaholic. us viewers are spoiled with the visual candy. don't worry, we'll find a way to keep the visual candy coming. don't you worry. [ applause ] >> don't worry your pretty little heads. >> stephanie: in the meantime, i'm not just a woman and a
8:07 am
dessert topping, i'm an app. i hope you know the answer to this. j.b. has a question. i don't know what an app is. >> you have the menu reading app for grandma. that's your only one. >> stephanie: big flashlight. >> it is a managenifying -- it is a managenifying glass. >> i only had the light. >> stephanie: i need the giant kernel clink guy. >> i can't install your new app because i don't have ios5 on my 3g phone. i'm steph's age. any suggestions? i want the app. >> if you have a 3g iphone, that's quite a few years old. >> i have a 3g. >> stephanie: i have a rotary phone, why can't i get the app? >> it can't handle ios4 or higher.
8:08 am
that's what the app is written for. it is more advanced copies of ios. unfortunately, she will have to upgrade her phone to at least the iphone 4. >> stephanie: i have the 4. i went to get the 5 and you know what? you just can't. >> you can now. >> stephanie: it is a whole thing. >> we used to wear apps on our belts. the style at the time. >> stephanie: i would wear it next to my onion. >> what is the thing you have to go through? >> stephanie: you have the contract and you're not due for an upgrade and you can't have the same plan. data or something. >> your grandfather did with unlimited data? >> right. >> stephanie: you need a new plug. a different plug than the thing. >> yes, it is. >> stephanie: i can't get out of the contract for the hot spot that i bought like a moron and i don't -- [ whatever! ] >> your phone can be use as a
8:09 am
hot spot. i tried to tell you this. >> stephanie: this phone. not that phone. only the iphone 5. >> no. i have an iphone 4s. >> stephanie: help me now. >> you have to sign up for the program. >> where do you put the quarter in? >> stephanie: you can print from your ipad? >> yes, you can. you need an app for that! >> stephanie: all right. i hate technology. >> yes i just got a tweet. the iphone 3g cannot use ios5 which is what -- >> stephanie: you are speaking pig latin to me. >> the 3g ios5 -- >> stephanie: when i say kids, i mean my friends that are in their 30s. roland never looks up from his iphone ever. we have not made eye contact in three years. >> i'm in mide mid-40s. >> stephanie: throwing yours in the toilet, too. >> disturbing to see a whole
8:10 am
family sitting around and they're not looking at each other. >> stephanie: nobody looks at each other anymore. >> with their thumbs. >> where have you seen a family like that? >> the hotel in -- what's it called? >> stephanie: jim and i are just crotchety. >> not like people are sitting around dinner texting other people. >> stephanie: love letter from justin. hello. my name is -- this ends well for me. hello. a lot of times it does not. hello. my name is justin and i'm from utah. i can't hear your show live in utah. so i subscribed to your podcast. i love every minute of it. i love how you're vaguely aggressive with your callers. i really appreciate that about you. i wasn't trying to be vague about it. [ applause ] >> stephanie: get more openly hostile. vaguely aggressive? >> i'm not doing it right.
8:11 am
>> stephanie: let's see. jim writes -- we keep talking about the mainstream media -- about how both sides do it. [ ♪ hypnotic ♪ ] blaming both sides for the inability of congress to accomplish something is like being a bystander of mugging and saying i'm fed up with you guys fighting all the time. thank you. you're the smartest one. all right. [ ♪ "jeopardy" theme ♪ ] jim, who said gay people are born and belong to every society in the world. they're all ages, all races all faiths, they're doctors teachers farmers and bankers and soldiers and athletes. they're our family, friends and neighbors. it is a human reality. who said that? >> marcus bachmann. [ buzzer ] >> i'm super. thanks for asking. no? >> stephanie: no. hillary clinton. who is back to work today. we wish her well. there we go. >> greg gutfeld does not wish her well. >> oh, yeah. >> stephanie: his statement was written by a 12-year-old.
8:12 am
we wish her and her family well. then he goes on to say the same crap he's been saying. >> same evil stuff. >> stephanie: of course we do. happy that she's better. >> he was made to say that. >> stephanie: somebody on fox has to say anything vaguely nice about anybody who is liberal. or just to express something that seems humanoid. >> yeah, we wish them well. >> with on eye roll that you can hear. >> stephanie: teenage eye roll. hair flip. >> whatever! >> stephanie: greg writes regarding hillary's testimony steph, john bolton chimed in of course with fabricated allegations about the secretary of state lying her way out of testifying about benghazi. let me tell the ambassador of a couple of details that occurred during the days of the bush administration in which he was
8:13 am
an integral part. someone brazenly lies, try dick cheney. remember this? mr. cheney agreed to testify before congress about the valerie plame affair. number one the testimony would be given in private and off the record and number two, he would not agree to take the oath before quote-unquote testifying. >> just like the 9-11 information. >> stephanie: all of it. >> you're not allowed to write anything down. if you quote me, you're dead. i'm not kidding. >> stephanie: okay. and jeff writing something i thought of. there's always something that makes my head explode on "meet the press." [ explosion ] he pointed out the same thing i thought. steph and company, the latest nominee for why are we paying attention to this person is karly fiorina. these are the fun facts. in 2005, she single-handedly destroyed one of the greatest tax companies of the -- greatest tax companies hewlett-packard.
8:14 am
she spent in excess of $120,000 losing the election to barbara boxer. in 2008, campaign adviser to john mccain. in 2005, helping campaign of mitt romney. fee ina is vice chair of the republican senate committee. hewlett-packard has not learned their lesson as they appointed meg whitman who spent over $170,000 with jerry brown. good luck with that. >> they have enough money to pay publicists. >> apparently whitman is not doing hewlett-packard any favors. >> did you call it hewlett backward? >> stephanie: do not repeat the unkind speculation you repeated during the gubernatorial campaign. >> i don't remember that. >> stephanie: about the fact that she has a forehead so wide you could show a movie on it.
8:15 am
>> sure, with your iphone. >> she's all gums. >> stephanie: you see? what did i tell you? do not repeat the things. >> she's like meg ryan. she's all gums. >> stephanie: i tricked you into that. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: yes, sir is i sent me a new -- jesse sent me -- future husband stack meets drunk stack. is one of your new year's resolution make the police pay for something that is dumb. one guy broke into wine world using a giant boulder in broad daylight. the guy who was wearing red gloves and likely enough fully sober from the new year's eve festivities in police custody. the entire front of the store was glass. he was throwing it over and over and it wouldn't break. so he finally gave up. meanwhile, across the street, there were people filming him with iphones then they called the police. [ applause ] >> stephanie: i give him points for trying. if i was with him honey take
8:16 am
that giant boulder and go try to break into wine world. >> like you haven't gotten someone to do that before. >> if it is really a giant boulder, it is going to break the bottles of wine. >> not boxes! [ ding ding ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: not well thought out, that plan. 18 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show". >> announcer: fresh republican outrage. you keep listening she'll make more. it's a "the stephanie miller show." hershey's simple pleasures chocolate.
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